31 de out de 2011

"The Making of Pink Floyd: The Wall" - Gerald Scarfe [paperback]

Gerald Scarfe's excellent "The Making of Pink Floyd: The Wall" has rightly received much praise from the Floyd community. For those who haven't read our review of the original version of the book yet, click here to find out more about it, and to see what we thought. On November 10th, 2011, the book arrives in paperback format from the publisher's Phoenix, with a newly designed cover.
Irrespective of which edition you go for, we're sure that you'll love the insider's view of working on The Wall, along with the insights that the likes of Roger Waters provides along the way.
For those yet to purchase this excellent book, and indeed for those who already have the original hardback, we've taken a good look at both to compare and contrast, and our thoughts are below.

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