15 de ago de 2011

Roger Waters backing singers perform acoustic Wall set on French radio

With the Roger Waters 2011 Wall tour having concluded a month ago, some of you will be missing that Comfortably Numb feeling of the shows. Others will be going through the exciting (and sometimes, quite stressful) process of getting their tickets for the 2012 tour. The July 4th Les Nocturnes show on French radio station RTL, presented by Georges Lang, featured a bit of a treat. For those who want a reminder of just how good the vocalists are on the tour, or for those who want to hear them for the first time, click here to listen or download a special session done for RTL, featuring Venice (Kipp, Mark and Pat Lennon) along with Robbie Wyckoff [see picture to the right of them on stage in Birmingham, June 2011], presenting acoustic versions of Comfy Numb, Goodbye Blue Sky, The Show Must Go On, and Outside The Wall. To hear the songs, jump forward to the 42nd minute of the audio clip.

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